Karen Rocznik

CTV Morning Live Reporter

Karen has been with CTV since 2009 where she has taken on many roles including Weekend Producer, News Reporter and ConsumerWatch reporter and now reporting for CTV Morning Live. Despite the 3am wake-up calls, Karen is thrilled to join the CTV Morning Live team and face all the adventures that await her over the next year.

In the past, Karen has written and produced stories focusing on cross-border shopping, the financial and personal costs of plastic surgery, and how to cope with losing your job and living on half your salary during a recession.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from University of King's College in Halifax.

An avid traveler, Karen has been to Europe, Australia, Mexico and Cuba. She also spent five years in South East Asia working as an English teacher in Thailand and as a Sub-Editor at the Bangkok Post newspaper.