Robbie Bachman of the band Bachman Turner Overdrive would like to thank the kind stranger who returned a camera he used to record the band’s induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame but he doesn’t know who the Good Samaritan is.

At one point during the induction, astronaut Chris Hadfield took the camera from Bachman so he could record the musician’s remarks to the crowd.

Bachman said he accidentally left the video camera at an after party in a nightclub following Sunday’s Juno Awards Show.

When he realized the error Monday morning he wasn’t sure if he would get the camera and the priceless footage back.

"I went to the counter at the Fairmont here in Winnipeg and before I could get the whole story out she just said Mr. Bachman we have your camera back in the office,” said Bachman. “I was shocked."

There was no note attached to the camera.

Bachman said he hopes the person who returned the camera will step forward so he can personally thank them.