It is a long way from Washington, D.C., but a piece of Winkler, MB is now sitting on the White House grounds.

The company that makes the play structure is internally calling it the presidential series.

Acrylon Plastics makes slides for Rainbow Play Systems in South Dakota.

Last week manager Ron Funk got an email saying the White House has bought a play set, including the made in Manitoba slide.

"I think it looks fabulous. I think they should have them all the way around it," laughs Ron Funk from Acrylon Plastics.

Obama's people actually went to South Dakota to inspect the play set.

They even tried the slide out.

When it arrived in Washington it was set up within sight of the Oval Office so the president can watch his daughters Sasha and Malia play.

"It's pretty cool to know we made that," says Funk.

With the economy headed down a slippery slope the company hopes all this positive attention will give it a little boost.

"It would be nice if that particular unit would sell more structures for Rainbow which in turn would be success for us," adds funk.

For now the company is content sliding into its new found fame.

With a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley