WINNIPEG -- The number of Manitoba ICU patients that have been moved to Ontario hospitals has now reached double digits.

A spokesperson for Shared Health told CTV News in an email that 10 people have been moved to hospitals in Ontario.

"On Saturday, three additional COVID patients from Manitoba were transported to Ontario as part of ongoing efforts to maintain capacity for the care and treatment of Manitobans in need of critical care," the spokesperson said.

The three patients on Saturday were each transferred to different hospitals, one in Windsor, one in Thunder Bay and the last in Sault Ste. Marie.

"This agreement was triggered on May 18 as a contingency to provide Manitoba critical care teams with flexibility to move patients identified as appropriate for transfer in a timely manner."

The spokesperson said more patients are scheduled to be moved on Sunday.

Since patients started being transferred, five have gone to hospitals in Thunder Bay, two in Sault Ste. Marie, and then one each in Ottawa, North Bay and Windsor.

"We are grateful to our colleagues in Ontario for their partnership and support in the care of Manitobans with COVID-19."

There are currently 120 people in Manitoba ICUs, with 74 of them being COVID-19 patients.