When 21-year-old Tristan Gareau went out for a first date Monday night, he didn't expect to be hailed a hero.

“I don't know what exactly was going through my mind. I just didn't want to see this car blow up and this gentleman still inside," said Gareau.

Gareau was driving south along Kenaston Boulevard around 11:45 p.m. when he noticed a car had hit the side of a building, and smoke was coming from it.

He said a group of about five people were gathered at the scene, with lots of commotion.

“The only way I knew there was actually a gentleman inside was because the tires were still rolling, the guy was pressing the gas pedal still," said Gareau. 

“When I went to go to the car, it was throwing tire rubber at me, and mud and stuff like that."

Gareau said it was then he ran towards the car.

“I opened the door, and there was a big wad of smoke that came right into my face and a big heatwave.”

He took a step back before reaching over to take off the 65-year-old driver’s seatbelt, pulling him out of the car.

“I had him about five feet away from the car and that’s when the two officers came and dragged him away to safety," said Gareau.

Winnipeg police said the man suffered a medical emergency before losing control of his car. The driver is expected to make a full recovery.

“I don’t know anything about this guy, I know he was bigger than me," said Gareau, who hopes to someday meet the man and his family to make sure they’re okay.

As for his new girlfriend, Gareau said he expects a second date.

Damage to the property and vehicle are estimated at $95,000.