Tanco Mine near Lac du Bonnet is shutting down part of its operation and laying off 35 employees.

Mine officials say increasing production costs are to blame for the layoffs.

The laid off employees were told they would no longer be required in two weeks’ time.

“That’s the mining industry,” said Bruce Tresidder, who lost his job during the mine’s last round of layoffs in 2009, “It’s payday today and tomorrow it’s sorry guys.”

The company says the layoffs will not affect production of cesium and they will continue to supply two-thirds of world demand for the rare mineral used to manufacture bio-degradable drilling fluid.

Businesses in the nearby town of Lac du Bonnet say they are bracing for a drop in business as a result of the layoffs.

“Well, anytime you lose 35 good-paying jobs in a small community like ours, it’s going to affect everybody,” said Frank Loreth, who owns a bar and lounge.

March 31 will be the last day of work for the laid off employees.