Steinbach RCMP said five suspects have been arrested in a violent New Bothwell home invasion and robbery that left one woman injured.

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning at a home in New Bothwell. RCMP said suspects wearing black balaclavas armed with guns broke into a camper where a woman was sleeping.

They pepper-sprayed and forced the woman into another area of the camper while they rummaged through her property, police said. The woman was held at gunpoint while the suspects broke into her nearby residence. RCMP said a six-year-old child was in the residence at the time.

The group made off with a variety of electronic equipment.

RCMP said the woman and her child were not seriously injured in the robbery, but the woman was treated for being sprayed with bear mace.

On Jan. 18, RCMP announced three more men had been arrested. Police previously announced the arrests of two other men.