WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba government has handed out over $80,000 in fines to people and businesses for allegedly violating public health orders during the week of Christmas.

According to the enforcement report released Wednesday morning, a total of 58 tickets and 193 warnings were issued to Manitoba residents and businesses from Dec. 21 to 27.

The province said 51 tickets totalling $1,296 each were given to individuals for violating public health orders. Of those tickets, 44 were issued for gatherings in private residences.

Indoor gatherings of people from outside a household are not permitted under the current public health orders, and the province said people need to keep following the orders to keep COVID-19 cases down.

“As New Year’s Eve approaches, Manitobans are reminded that public health orders remain in effect throughout the holidays and must be followed to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” a statement from the province reads.

Four $298 tickets were handed out for people not wearing masks in indoor public places.

A total of three businesses were fined $5,000 for violating public health orders. The province did not say what the violations were.

The three businesses fined include:

  • Young’s Market on McPhillips Street;
  • The Walmart store at 3655 Portage Avenue; and
  • Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Supercentre, at 1300 Ellice Avenue.

CTV News has reached out to these businesses for more information.

Since the province began enforcing public health orders in April, 617 tickets and 1,683 warnings have been issued, resulting in $919,318 in fines.