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'A bison with laser eyes': Is it time to update Manitoba's provincial flag?


Is it time to update and redesign Manitoba's provincial flag?

CTV's Maralee Caruso sat down with Lucas Stratton, the founder of the Manitoba Vexillological Association to ask just that.

The association polled about 4,500 Manitobans to see if they would support a change of flag? About 58 per cent said they would.

Stratton noted it is a relatively small sample size, and is not necessarily representative of the entire population of Manitoba – but it does give a snap shot that some may be ready for a Manitoba flag glow-up.

Manitoba's flag, which was officially approved in 1966, features the Union Jack in the corner along with the province's Coat of Arms.

"The biggest issue a lot of people have, at least what we saw in some of the comments we received, is that it looks almost identical to Ontario especially when it's flapping in the wind from a distance," Stratton said.

As for what a new flag could look like?

"A few people did leave some comments about what they might want to see, there's some joke comments about maybe a bison with laser eyes or something," Stratton told CTV News. "But there wasn't too much consensus from everybody."

You can watch the full interview with Lucas Stratton to learn more about the controversial conversation over the question – should Manitoba change its flag? 

-with files from CTV's Maralee Caruso Top Stories

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