WINNIPEG -- Cool temperatures are a plus at Festival du Voyageur - at least when it comes to the outdoor activities.

But inside the tents, organizers want to keep temperatures nice and warm.

"All the tents at Festival are heated with propane," said Nicolas Audette, Festival du Voyageur's director of marketing and communications.

Last year the festival used roughly 137 thousand litres of propane to heat six tents.

Now festival organizers want to find out how efficiently is the propane heating the tents up, and what impact is it having on the environment?

That's why they're partnering with UM Earth, a University of Manitoba student group dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency.

"They're going to help us track temperatures in our tents," said Audette. "and calculate heat loss in our tents."

The group will then suggest ways the festival can reduce the total amount of energy it uses, and direct event organizers to potential alternate sources of energy.

"The idea of biofuels has come up in some of our discussions," said Duncan Lamont, an engineering student member of UM Earth. "But also we could find a way to connect them even temporarily to the hydro grid, which right now they're not."

UM Earth says the ideal outcome of the study will be for the festival to use less energy next year, and within four to five years be converted to a more sustainable energy source.