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'A very heinous event': Teenage girls sexually assaulted during break-in


Warning: This article contains content that may be disturbing to readers. Discretion is advised.

A Winnipeg man faces a slew of charges after police say he broke into an apartment building and sexually assaulted two teenage girls minutes after trying to break into another home nearby.

Police say the incident began Thursday at around 5:20 p.m. A man went to a home in the St. John’s neighbourhood and began watching from across the street a mother and her two children, who were in their yard.

Police said the woman had a sense of unease, so she went inside with her children and locked the doors.

He then tried to break in.

“This individual seemed very focused and driven to still get into the home. Thankfully, (he) was not able to,” Const. Dani McKinnon said at a news conference Monday.

Constable Dani McKinnon speaks at a news conference on June 17, 2024 at the Winnipeg police headquarters. (Daniel Timmerman/CTV News Winnipeg)

Somebody else in the home scared the man off. The woman then called police.

About ten minutes later, police say the same man went to a nearby apartment building, where he unlawfully went into a suite.

He confronted two teenage girls with a syringe. They were forced into a bedroom where he threatened to kill them.

Police say he physically and sexually assaulted them.

The man then passed out, and the teenagers called 911.

Officers arrived to find the man still in the apartment suite.

He was taken into custody, and the teenage girls were taken to hospital for medical attention.

“These individuals were extremely brave to come forward, to go through the process of speaking with police. This is a very heinous event,” McKinnon said.

“It will likely be a long journey for these females, all three of them, really.”

The sex crimes unit took over the investigation.

Alfred Colin Muskego, 49, from Winnipeg faces a long list of offences, including two counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault and sexual interference.

He was detained in custody. Top Stories

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