The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba needs help as it deals with a major disaster.

Shortly before noon on Tuesday, the sprinkler line froze and gallons of water started pouring through the ceiling of its Donald Street office. 

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba CEO Sylvia Rothney tells CTV News there is major damage, but it could have been much worse.

“I’m just really thankful that this flood didn’t happen while we had a support group going on because we run supports for people with dementia and that would have been just horrific,” said Rothney.

No one was injured, but one employee who has asthma had to go home.

The Alzheimer Society’s Gala event is set for Thursday night.  Employees scrambled to save all of the auction prizes and materials, and inventory is now underway to see what can be saved and what’s been lost.  

A number of businesses on the street level below the Alzheimer society offices were also affected by the flood, including the Don Restaurant which was forced to close before the lunch hour.