WINNIPEG -- Drivers in Winnipeg are going to have a little more time to get through some intersections before the lights change from green to red.

A report made to the City of Winnipeg's standing policy committee on infrastructure renewal and public works shows the time before amber lights turn red has been increased on some roads.

According to the report, on routes where the speed limit is 70 kilometres per hour, the amber light will now last 4.3 seconds.

On the roads with an 80 km/h limit, the amber light will now last 4.7 seconds.

The timing changes were based on the kinematic equation, according to the report.

"The kinematic equation uses the speed of the roadway, perception and reaction time and the slope of the roadway to calculate the appropriate amber duration," the report reads, noting the decision was made to find ways to improve traffic flow, while maintaining safety.

A total of 110 intersections were modified in Winnipeg.

Before the changes were made, the amber lights were set at four seconds throughout the city at every speed level.

However, not every road in the city will see changes.

"The application of this equation is not recommended on roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h or lower where the kinematic equation would result in an amber duration of less than 4.0 seconds," the report reads. "A minimum amber duration of 4.0 seconds for vehicle displays is recommended."

The report, which will be discussed at the committee meeting on Sept. 16, said all of the changes to signal timing were completed by existing staff and used existing equipment.