The judge presiding over Andrea Giesbrecht’s case is prepared to have a camera in the room when he delivers his sentencing decision.

During a brief hearing Thursday morning, Judge Murray Thompson said he is prepared to have a camera in the courtroom, but it will be focused on him and Giesbrecht will not be allowed to be shown.

Giesbrecht was found guilty in February of this year of six counts of concealing the body of a dead child.

Giesbrecht secretly delivered six babies at or near full term and stashed their remains in a U-Haul storage locker.

Each charge carries a maximum two years in jail.


Andrea Giesbrecht’s defense lawyer Greg Brodsky also made a request Thursday to change the date for his client’s sentencing hearing where submissions will be made.

The hearing was originally scheduled for May 10, but it will now happen July 7 because Brodsky has a personal matter to attend to.

Giesbrecht signed an order acknowledging the hearing will happen beyond the ‘reasonable amount of time’ as set by the court, therefore waiving her rights on that matter.

Brodsky told the court his client made the decision to so she wouldn’t have to find another lawyer to represent her.