A group of animal-rights activists protested the sale of fur at a Bay location in downtown Winnipeg Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Humane Education Network demonstrated in front of the department store to draw attention to the abuse of animals for their fur.

The group said fur found on jackets, gloves, trim and other fashions is often mislabelled as “faux-fur.”

Organizer Janice Pennington said often the fur actually comes from animals commonly kept as household pets.

“A lot of people in Winnipeg are unaware that a lot of the products that they’re wearing have cat and dog fur on them,” said Pennington. “In Canada there is no labelling law restricting the import of these products.

The group said for the last two and a half years the Humane Education Network has been working to collect signatures on a petition in support of Bill C 296. The bill would amend current fur labelling laws in Canada.