Winnipeg’s armoured police vehicle was deployed 34 times in 2018.

A new report from Police Chief Danny Smyth to the Winnipeg Police Board said the ARV was rolled out for eight active firearms calls, including an active shooter situation in November.

“The ARV sustained multiple shots directed at members saving them from grievous harm or death,” wrote Smyth.

It was also used for 18 warrant executions, four domestic violence events and one abduction.

Smyth said the armoured vehicle was also present at 18 “community engagement events” last year. He said the majority of requests for ARV visits in 2018 came from elementary schools.

“Several police members have relayed that citizens appreciate having the opportunity to see the vehicle and discuss its role in providing a safer outcome to firearm events in Winnipeg,” wrote Smyth.

Events attended in 2018 include: Cops for Kids, WPS Half Marathon, Bison Transport Fundraiser for the Special Olympics (World's Longest Convoy), Manitoba Down Syndrome Walk with Me, My Church Winnipeg Community Block Party, Springs Church Car Show, and Costco Safety Day.