WINNIPEG -- A pair of Manitoba schools had a special visitor on Wednesday, and it was surely an out-of-this-world experience.

Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk paid a virtual visit to students at Christ the King and Edward Schreyer Schools.

The two schools won a visit from an astronaut through a contest put on by the Canadian Space Agency’s Junior Astronauts initiative.

Kutryk provided students with an overview of his job, and answered questions on training, eating, space and the specialized tools astronauts use.

“If you’re in space and you crank that wrench one way, it doesn’t turn the bolt, it turns you,” he explained to students.

“You go the other way just as fast as you cranked the wrench.”

While Kutryk was able to easily answer most of the students’ questions, he was stumped by one asking why the moon, and not the sun, controls tides on earth.

For kids interested in becoming an astronaut one day, the Canadian Space Agency is holding junior astronaut recruitment for students Grades 6 to 9 to participate in a virtual camp in July.