An autopsy has revealed the identity of a body found wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a barrel near Lac du Bonnet.

RCMP say the barrel contained the remains of 22-year-old Chad Randall Davis. Davis had gone missing from Winnipeg's downtown area in February.

Sixty-nine-year-old George Knight says he and a friend found the barrel on the river shore in the community of Fishers Grove near Lac Du Bonnet.

When they opened it they found a man's body wrapped in thick plastic.

"After the lid came off there was just a stench like you wouldn't believe," he told CTV News. "All I could see was a pair of brown jeans and a belt."

Knight immediatly called police.  RCMP are ruling Davis's death a homicide - their major crimes unit is investigating.

Knight says Davis's mother called to thank him for making the discovery Friday morning.