WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg was featured on the world stage Wednesday as the co-founder of the Bear Clan Patrol spoke at a United Nations summit in Abu Dhabi.

James Favel was a panelist for a Traditional Authorities Roundtable, which was part of an Urban World Forum, where he spoke with other country representatives, including a mayor from Sudan, a mayor from Ghana, a representative from Morocco and a representative from Senegal.

During his speech, Favel shared what the Bear Clan Patrol does in the city and how it works with government and other organizations throughout Winnipeg to improve the city.

He said being part of the roundtable was a great opportunity.

He added the problems he shared were unique to the others at the roundtable, but he knows they aren't unique to everyone.

"I know just from my own life experience, I know our experiences here, in the North End of Winnipeg, we're not alone, just the people I was with today have very different issues," said Favel.

Favel noted he did learn from the other representatives about land management and working with local government.

He said he left the event sharing his insight on Indigenous people in the province.

"What I was able to leave behind, was a piece of what we are as Indigenous people, as Winnipeggers, as Canadians," he said. "I know that I was heard. The moderator afterwards did speak directly to me about what I was talking about. All in all, it was a good experience."


Favel will be heading back to Winnipeg on Friday, but he said in the meantime he is going to try and visited the world's tallest building in Dubai.