As Winnipeg-based Ben Moss Jewellers moves forward with an announcement to close down across Canada, many customer fear they’ll lose warranties on their jewelry.

Customers like Karen D’Eon, who along with her husband of 15 years are planning renew their vows this fall.

She purchased two wedding bands from a Winnipeg Ben Moss store because her husband’s old wedding band was damaged.

"To cover all of our bases with his prior history in damaging rings, we got the warranty to cover our butts,” said D’Eon.

Only days after picking up their rings, D’Eon said they learned the company is planning to close shop and that their warranty is in jeopardy.

Angele Taillefer is in the same boat. She bought the lifetime service plan on five Ben Moss rings.

“I was informed that my lifetime warranty was void and when I asked about reimbursement, they told me no," said Taillefer.

She explained that she had paid more than $300 for warranties that she won't be getting back.

"Now if I lose one of the stones in my family ring, I’m out of luck. I have to pay to get it replaced," she added.

The Consumers’ Association of Canada said warranties like the one offered by Ben Moss are normally void if the company is in bankruptcy.

Ben Moss has not declared bankruptcy, however, the company is selling off inventory at its 54 stores across Canada.

Meanwhile, the Better Business Bureau said it’s received 19 complaints since Ben Moss announced it was going out of business. BBB said the majority stem from refunds for lifetime warranties.

It said the company is under the protection by the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, a federal statute that blocks legal action against a company or its directors. According to BBB, the protection will be in effect until Dec. 3, 2016.

BBB said it tried to contact senior officials with the jewelers, but have been unsuccessful.

BBB has suppressed the company’s business rating while the bureau collects more information.

D’Eon said she would never have paid extra for the warranty, had she known she known the company was closing a week later.

"I was shocked there was nothing in that store showing that they were closing, nothing," she said.

Ben Moss Jewelers has not responded to CTV’s request for an interview.