WINNIPEG -- As the weather warms up, more birds have been spotted in the air and on the ground. University of Manitoba professor of conservation biology Nicola Koper, said this is the beginning of bird migration so Manitobans will be seeing and hearing more birds.

Winnipegger Allan Robertson tells CTV News he’s noticed a huge flock of robins in Assiniboine Park. He added he has spotted them along the river’s edge.

“The noise they made was just like a noisy crowd in a stadium. I had heard this strange sound last week in the park, so they've been around in a group for awhile. I've never heard, or seen, so many robins in one place,” said Robertson.

Paula Grieef, resident naturalist at Oak Hammock March Interpretive Centre said while it is migration season the weather can play a big role this time of year.

“We’ve had some weird weather for April so far. It’s been cooler than normal. It had lots of strong north winds and when that happens birds just don’t migrate they just sort of get to a point and they stop. And we have to be lucky I guess that they stopped in Winnipeg,” said Grieef.

Koper added with less pollution and fewer people traveling its possible more birds will enter the area.

“We do know that birds have to adapt to a lot of traffic noise. Some of the things they do is, sing louder and more often. They even change their songs to sing at a higher frequency. And they may not need to make those behaviour adjustments because we don’t have that much traffic this year. And it might be that some species that avoid going to those areas wont avoid going to those areas anymore,” said Koper.

As our feathered friends come back Koper said now is a good time to decorate the outside of the windows to prevent bird from flying into them.

“It’s a great activity to get kids involved in, environmental conservation as well as art and keep them busy at the same time,” she said.

Koper suggested using colours that are different from the back ground like white shapes on the windows. Or use something that can be easily removed from a window like liquid-chalk or soap. Grieef adds you can simply pull the blinds shut to reduce reflection.

She also added that as the weather warms up Winnipeggers can expect to see more birds moving through the area.

“Another group of different birds will move through. So the Robins and the Juncos are some of the first birds to come back. Then we get a wave of different kinds of sparrows that come through. And again they are feeder birds so they like the back yard. Then we will get some warblers a little later. Like the second or third week in May. So we will be getting wave after wave of birds,” said Grieef.