WINNIPEG -- Winnipeggers in Charleswood got quite the surprise Saturday morning when a black bear was spotted in a tree.

Police initially advised people to avoid the area of the 600 block of Pepperloaf Cresent near Rannock Avenue at 10:27 a.m.

Conservation officers from the province and the Winnipeg Police Service monitored the bear’s activities throughout the day. 

In an email to CTV News, a government spokesperson said, "Late last night the bear left the tree and the area on its own without incident."

"Provincial Conservation Officers tracked the bear northwest of the Charleswood area along the Assiniboine River corridor until after midnight."

Conservation officers believe the bear to be two to three years old.

The bear has trended on twitter and was named Charlie by one eyewitness.

If you do encounter a bear, the province recommends some of the following tips:

  • Stop. Remain calm. Assess the situation.
  • Do not run away as this may prompt a chase response.
  • Do not climb a tree or enter water, as these options will not guarantee your safety.
  • If a bear is in a tree, simply leave the area the way you came.
  • If the bear is unaware of you, leave the area calmly and quietly when the bear is not looking in your direction.
  • If the bear becomes aware of you, calmly identify yourself as human by talking to it in a low, calm voice while waving your arms as you back away slowly to increase your distance.

A list of tips and more information on bears can be found on the province’s website