A fire at a Super 8 motel in Brandon caused extensive damage and forced guests to flee the building.

At the time of the blaze early Tuesday morning, 64 of its 79 rooms were occupied. All the guests made it out safely, said motel officials.

Firefighters said it appears the blaze started in a utility shed near the south side of the building and then spread to the roof of the motel. Officials said, however, it's too early to know exactly what caused the fire.

"It's still under investigation. At this time, we have the Office of the (Manitoba) Fire Commissioner and Brandon Fire and Emergency Services' inspectors on scene," said Scott MacDonald from Brandon Fire and Emergency Services.

Motel guests said staff notified them to leave once the fire was spotted.

"You heard the manager come through and there was a sense of urgency in his voice so it became a sense of urgency to get out of there," said Dave Kerr, who was staying at the hotel.

Kerr said he grabbed his computer and ran out, but left other belongings inside.

"My room doesn't look good...they've broken the window and poured lots of water in there," he said.

Motel manager John Pearen said he's checking with the motel's insurance company to find out how guests who lost items in the fire will be reimbursed.

Pearen said parts of the building are destroyed.

"It's pretty extensive at this point, yes. The main centre of the building with all the offices and service areas...looks totaled. And probably about a quarter of the rooms are totaled at this point," said Pearen.

Motel guests said they're thankful everyone escaped the fire. Guests are now being housed at a Motel 6, owned by the same company.

But guests may have to wait until Wednesday to retrieve possessions left in their Super 8 rooms as fire officials weren't allowing anyone back in the building until it was safe.

- with a report from CTV's Josh Crabb