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Blue Bombers fans at home and abroad prepare for Grey Cup game

'Go Bombers Go' is on the tip of the tongue for many Manitobans this week as they cheer on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The team hopped on a plane to Hamilton Monday afternoon heading to the 109th Grey Cup.

Trailing behind them are several fans eager to watch their team fight for the cup. Bob Cymbalisty and his wife are among those fans. The couple are heading to Hamilton Thursday to watch the big game.

"We like to spend a day afterwards hopefully basking in the glow of a Grey Cup win,” Cymbalisty said. “We've got one more job to do – they got to get there and get that job done. It's too early to get out there and count your chickens."

Others like Carol Sangster and John Baillie are hosting their own parties closer to home.

"It's all looking good, going to be a good game,” Bailie said.

For fans looking to get out, Peter D. Ginakes, the president of Pony Corral, says they're ready to get the party started all weekend long at their restaurants.

"A lot of people have their beautiful TVs at home too but the excitement will be here,” Ginakes said. “People want to be with the people. And if they win everybody's cheering together."

Winnipeg Blue bomber Alumni Rod Hill will be at the helm of the Pembina Highway location’s festivities.

"I think it's pretty exciting for me because I understand those experience,” Hill said. “I was on that side of the camera being a player and now I'm a fan."

It's more than just fun and games for restaurants – the Grey Cup is big business.

Shaun Jeffrey, the CEO of Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association says that goes for both dine-in and takeout.

"We've had a rough couple of years,” Jeffrey said. “Our industry is very, very big on sports teams because it's a major driver for our business."

He’s expecting Sunday's buzz to hangover into Monday.

"People are going to be taking the day off and they're going to want to be going to a restaurant because maybe they're not feeling the best so they're going to be going out to a restaurant to get some last ditch Grey Cup celebrations."

Brian Paterson, a 50-year Bomber season ticket holder, has been going to games since he was three days old. For him, Grey Cup appearances never get old.

"We got a great group of people and great team comradery and what more can you ask for?" Paterson said. "Well, a win.” Top Stories

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