A man convicted for second-degree murder in the deaths of two children and their mother on Christmas Eve more than 20 years has had his parole denied after previously being granted full parole.

Jon Waluk, 61, was convicted of second-degree murder for the Dec. 24, 1987 killing of a mother, her five-month-old baby and her 18-month-old child who were repeatedly shot at point blank range.

Waluk and an accomplice went to the home regarding a drug transaction. Their intended victim, a man, jumped out a window and ran off. Court documents state Waluk and his accomplice then shot the man's wife and children.

Waluk continues to maintain his innocence, maintaining his co-accused did the actual shooting, according to parole board documents. Waluk was also under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time of shooting, state the same documents.

He was granted full parole in April 2008 with a number of conditions, including abstaining from alcohol and undergoing psychological counseling.

In June 2009, Waluk's parole was suspended after officials learned he was arrested for possession of cases of illegal cigarettes and was suspected of trafficking them.

His full parole was revoked and he was transferred to a minimum security institution in February 2010. Parole board documents state Waluk was then working towards returning to the community.

In a parole hearing decision made on July 14, the National Parole Board officially denied Waluk's full parole.

In its decision, the board said it had concerns over Waluk's pattern of offending. The board also stated in documents that he needs to start accepting responsibility and "exercise critical reasoning when making a decision."