The man who beheaded a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus in 2008 appeared in front of a review board Monday.

Vince Li was found not criminally responsible in March 2009 for beheading Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus on July 30, 2008.

Li has been housed inside the Selkirk Mental Health Centre since the court ruling in 2009.

At a review board hearing Monday, Li wore sneakers with shackles, while four sheriff escorts stood by him.

A psychiatrist told the review board Monday that Li is responding well to medication and has not been a management problem.

Doctors said Li socializes well with staff and other patients.

In June of 2010, the criminal review board agreed with a recommendation from psychiatrists that Li be granted escorted walks outdoors on the grounds of the centre. Implementation of the plan to grant him time outside was delayed by a few months.

On Monday, doctors recommended Li should be supervised outside by one staff member, down from the current three staff members providing him escorted walks. That could later be lowered to one, said doctors.

Following the one-on-one supervision, doctors said the next step would be to ask for general supervision on the centre's grounds, in which one staff member supervises three patients.

Doctors said that given Li's conduct and attitude, that could be possible within the next eight to 12 months.

Following that, Li could also be given future passes for supervised visits into the town of Selkirk, said doctors.

Carol de Delley, McLean's mother, said she is opposed to the recommendation.

"I totally disagree with it. I don't think he should ever be off the grounds," she said.

The Crown said it is "vehemently opposed" to both Li getting general supervision and to his integration beyond the boundaries of the centre. The Crown also said Li had a hallucination only five months ago.

Carol de Delley said she would like other measures undertaken.

"I think we need to treat him and take care of him behind locked bars for the rest of his life. The thing I want to get clear to everyone is that this man will not have a criminal record for what he did to my child,