The body that was pulled from the Red River on Saturday morning is that of 32-year-old mother Lisa Gibson, police confirmed on Sunday.

Gibson had been missing since Wednesday when her two children, two-year-old Anna and three-month-old Nicholas, died after being found in the bathtub at their Westwood home. At the time, police said Gibson was a person of interest in their deaths.

Despite the discovery of Gibson's body, police said the investigation remains active and is still in the hands of homicide investigators.

"Investigators have to ensure that every possible avenue has been followed up," said Const. Eric Hofley.

A group of paddlers found Gibson’s body in the water shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. She was found several kilometers downstream from where police had been concentrating their search in the Assiniboine River, near Gibson’s home on Coleridge Park Drive.

Police have completed an autopsy but they are not releasing the result at this time.

The deaths have hit the community hard and sparked a discussion about the need for more support for new mothers. Police sources have said Gibson had been struggling with post-partum depression. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority said it is reviewing what contact Gibson had with the health care system.

For some in the community, the discovery of Gibson's body brings a degree of closure. 

"I was hoping it would be her, to bring some closure because I know this area's been very hard hit by the sadness of it all," said Paula Bowkett, who lives nearby.

For many, however, their thoughts are still with the family. "It's going to be tough for them," said Brian Dagg.

"I don't know what kind of closure that brings to them but for me, as far as our area and community, it might try to get things back to normal a little bit, but it's always going to be in the back of your mind. It's three houses down."

Police have not yet confirmed how the two children died.