WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman has given new marching orders to his inner circle.

Last week Bowman made changes to his Executive Policy Committee, the same week Councillor Kevin Klein resigned as police board chair.

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On Thursday, Bowman announced the new mandate letters have been sent to members of council and chairs of committees that have stepped into new leadership roles. These letters have been posted online for the public to read. LINK:

"I think it helps outline what is expected of those in leadership roles and it also helps our residents keep track of the mandates for each," Bowman said.

"While we continue to navigate the unknown, the refresh of leadership roles and mandates will offer fresh perspectives on issues facing our city. I want Winnipeggers to know that the leadership at city hall and all members of council are up to the challenge."

The new mandate letters direct the incoming police board chair, Coun. Markus Chambers, to work with the board and the police service to write a letter to Manitoba's Justice Minister Cliff Cullen to consider changes to the Police Services Act within the next 60 days.

“That will provide for increased board effectiveness including improved civilian governance and police accountability," the mandate letter reads.

Bowman said while there have been verbal meetings between the chair of the police board, he said there has been no written, public feedback – which is why he has mandated for the letter to be sent.

"There is an opportunity for us to work together with the provincial government and for the police board to provide the minister of justice with their insights and input," he said. "I regret that there hasn't been a written submission provided to date, and I would like to remedy that with the new leadership of the police board."

Bowman said he is not prescribing what the feedback outlined in this letter will be.

Bowman wants the chair of water and waste to look at changing garbage rates to 'promote' recycling while reducing the amount of waste ending up in the landfill.

Bowman said he will be having further discussions with Coun. Brian Mayes (St. Vital) who is the chair of the water and waste committee on what this will look like.

The mandate letter to the chair of property and development calls for a review of the controversial impact fee charged on new homes in new suburbs.

“Undertake a review of the Impact Fee and the new growth-related infrastructure to be supported by this fee, in collaboration with the Impact Fee Working Group," the mandate letter reads.

"The bylaw that was approved by council, my expectation for the new chair of property and development is that they are going to support the council direction that was prescribed in the bylaw," said Bowman.

"Obviously we have a legal challenge right now, but we want to continue to make sure that we are following the council direction moving forward."

Finance Chair Scott Gillingham is directed to come up with a 'multi-year funding formula' for the Winnipeg Police Service to provide planning 'certainty' for the city and a 'sustainable' and 'predictable' funding level for the WPS.