WINNIPEG -- Brandon University (BU) has announced its plans for the fall term.

The university said it plans on delivering most of its instruction online.

"While COVID-19 trends in Manitoba look promising, BU is taking a cautious and prudent approach that is in line with provincial phased reopening plans. We will limit in-person instruction to where it is necessary, and avoid potential mid-term disruption from any resurgence of infection or second wave of cases," the university said in a news release, adding that online classes will bring parity for students who can't travel to Brandon.

Some classes, labs, studios, and practicums may be held in-person, but the school said if that's the case it will be posted in the online registration guide.

The university said plans for the fall term will continue to be developed throughout June and people will be informed in July.

The campus remains open for all staff and students who have arrangements with deans to access the facilities.

The school is still encouraging staff to work from home when possible.

Red River College previously told CTV News that it plans on having the majority of programs online as well in the fall.

The University of Winnipeg told CTV News that it is developing a "comprehensive plan for the fall term that will ensure safety – along with a high quality of educational experience for students."