WINNIPEG -- Brandon University has announced that students will continue their learning online during the winter term.

The school says this will continue to help keep everyone safe during COVID-19.

"This continues the cautious and prudent approach that has proven successful for the current Fall Term," the university said in a news release. "It provides certainty for faculty, staff and for students, and once again ensures that there will be no mid-term disruption from rising infection rates."

The school said a small number of courses will still require in-person learning and staff are being asked to submit requests for exemptions.

The university is also reminding students that campus buildings are locked to visitors and that study spaces are available but they must be booked through the library.

If students require access to buildings, they can use their ID cards to get inside.

The winter term runs from January to April 2021.

This announcement comes after the University of Manitoba also decided to continue with remote-learning through the winter.

U of M saying it wanted to give students as much time as possible to plan for the rest of the year.

The school will also allow a small number of in-person classes, where required.

U of M president and vice-chancellor Michael Benarroch said he has seen a lot of positives from working online.

“Over the course of my first three months as president, I have seen examples of innovation in teaching and operations that have impressed me deeply and reminded me of the resiliency and flexibility, the creativity and dedication, of our community,” he said.

- With files from CTV's Kayla Rosen.