WINNIPEG -- Two brothers are facing a long list of charges, including theft and robbery, after they were accused of going on a crime spree in St. Vital.

Police said they tried to rob a McDonald's and force their way inside someone's car, all in the same night.

It happened on a stretch of St. Mary's Road, police said.

"That's where they attacked me. They charged at me," said Mehdi Akbari, who told CTV News the men tried to get in his car.

Police said the string of robberies began at a McDonald's in St. Vital late Sunday night, when the two brothers allegedly tried to steal money from the drive-thru window, but failed. 

Akbari, 25, said he was nearby and got off work late.

"I started my car and two guys approached me."

He said the pair tried forcing their way into his vehicle, but his car wouldn't start, so they stole his phone and ran off.

Akbari followed them into the back lane behind a 7-Eleven and said that's when things escalated.

"He walked up to me, held me by my collar and just kind of threw punches at me," said Akbari, who claims he was hit several times.

"That's when I fell to the ground, somebody luckily pulled up, and I drove away, until the cops showed up."

Before Akbari was attacked, there were reports of a break-in in the neighbourhood.

A woman in the area said she believes the same two men also tried to break into her home.

She said she called 911 and the men left before police arrived.

Officers were able to find two suspects, who were found at a BMO, according to Akbari.

While they didn't steal his car, Akbari said they did rob him of his sense of security.

"I do not feel safe anymore."