A Winnipeg city councillor is asking the mayor again for answers about opening Portage and Main.

North Kildonan City Councillor Jeff Browaty asked the Manitoba ombudsman for help getting a city report on opening Portage and Main to pedestrians.

He previously filed a Freedom of Information Act request, but said the city invoked a 90-day delay.

The councillor said the report cost over $100,000 and was commissioned over a year ago.

Browaty alleged Mayor Brian Bowman must not have liked the information in the draft report and is trying to find somebody to produce a version that fits his agenda.

"The public, businesses, and council have the right to see this taxpayer-commissioned report. With Mayor Bowman being hell-bent on opening the intersection, Winnipeggers need to know what it's going to cost both in terms of cost and additional commuting time,” Browaty said.

In a statement to CTV News, Bowman said the study will be released

"We now have the active participation of all property owners at the intersection and the administration is working on the broader vision,” the statement said.

“Once a completed administrative report is ready for committee and council consideration, the traffic study will be released alongside it, for all to see. Councillor Browaty's position on this issue is clear and it is not surprising to see the councillor trying to rush an unfinished report to further his own political agenda."