Residents of a small Manitoba town are talking about the brutal sexual assault of a teenaged girl and trying to understand how it could have happened – but the RCMP stayed silent for more than a week passed since her attack.

As many as five men sexually assaulted a 14-year-old Amaranth girl who fell asleep on the couch in her home on June 13.

Police said on Monday that there was a party going on in the home that night.

Amaranth resident Dayna Roulette spoke about what she knows of the attack.

"She was raped and they fought her too," Roulette said. "I feel horrible for her. I don't know what I'd do if that was me."

While there are many rumours going around town, it is believed that the parents were home at the time of the attack, and possibly locked in their room.

It's believed the suspects stole the teen's father's jeep to get away. It was found nearby.

Amaranth resident Paul Johnston said some people are saying the girl was drugged.

"One story is that they put cocaine down her throat. She passed out and they took advantage of her, raped her," he said.

Johnston has lived in Amaranth his entire life and like many, here he's completely disturbed by what he's heard.

"These guys need to be brought to justice. We need justice. It's a terrible thing," he said.

CTV News asked RCMP Sergeant Line Karpish why the public wasn't informed about the attack.

"Unless there is a threat to the greater public, we tend not to make those events public," She said.

There's talk in the community about revenge, but Karpish said vigilantism will not be tolerated.

"It's a very emotional and sensitive matter, people are upset with this matter. Right now, it's best to let police handle the investigation," Karpish said.

The girl was taken to hospital, but has been discharged and is recovering.

Relatives of the girl said her family is devastated and can't bring themselves to return to their house.

-with a report from CTV's Stacey Ashley