A teenage girl who says she’s accused of bullying, feels bullied herself.

Earlier this week, CTV News reported on an older brother who posted a video on Facebook, telling a bully to stop threatening his sister via social media.

Now the girl who was the target of the video is speaking out.

Rielle Demach says she isn't a bully and she has also been the victim of threats.

The Grade 10 Miles Macdonell Collegiate student says the problems started when Tyler McFee's sister challenged her online to a fight.

“I agreed to it because I wasn’t going to back down,” said Demach.

Demach says the threats have gone back and forth.

“I know I'm at fault here. I did say rude things to her and she's at fault too because she did say rude things to me too. It's not me bullying her."

Tyler McFee tells CTV he understands the comments went back and forth, but says Demach went too far by posting some of them on a Facebook page for everyone to see.

After the spat went public, Demach's mother says her daughter received threatening Facebook posts and texts.

Mag Montgomery says someone kicked in their front door, broke boards on their fence, and vandalized their garage.

“My main concern was a her safety and her being accused,” said Montgomery.

 Police questioned Demach about the alleged bullying and say the matter is closed.

Demach now hopes the issues between the girls are over.