WINNIPEG -- Winnipeggers could be enjoying a bus to the beach soon as the Winnipeg Transit Master Plan proposes a route to Birds Hill Park.

On Thursday, the plan was presented at the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure, Renewal, and Public Works meeting.

The 90-page document proposes a new transit network in the city that would make the system more frequent, reliable, and faster.

Winnipeg Transit is how many people in the city commute, and for Curt Barz, who doesn't have a personal vehicle, it's now he gets everywhere.

"I take the bus easily a couple times a day," said Barz. "Sometimes half a dozen times a day to go to and from work, and anywhere else in particular, running errands."

The Winnipeg Transit Master Plan proposes a bus route to Birds Hill Provincial Park in the summer as part of regular service.

For people like Barz who don't have a car, getting to the beach without a car is tough.

"As for now, for me to go out there (to Birds Hill), it's just not a practical option," he said.

Chairperson for the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure, Renewal, and Public Works, Councillor Matt Allard, said there was a lot of public engagement when drafting the Transit Master Plan.

He said when Winnipeggers were asked what part of the service is lacking, the number one answer was they wanted a bus to the beach.

"This is a really good initiative because if you can't afford a car, if you don't have any friends who have a car, this can open the way, especially with our low income bus pass, to people being able to enjoy the beach regardless of their incomes," Allard said.

Allard said in order to make Winnipeg Transit just as reliable as a personal vehicle, we need options like the bus to Birds Hill.

Functional Transit Winnipeg is a grassroots organization that advocates for improvements to public transportation in the city.

Vice President Kyle Owens said the expanded network in the Transit Master Plan would make a casual trip to Birds Hill easy.

"We want to reduce the barriers of movement through the city so that people can live their life, spend money, have fun," said Owens. "We're all looking forward to feeling normal this summer, that's a real possibility, and this helps make that possible."

Owens said there's no added cost, and the route could be put in place with the existing operating budget.

The Winnipeg Transit Master Plan was laid over for 30 days at the last Infrastructure, Renewal, and Public Works meeting.

It's slated to return to the policy committee and could be passed by next month's council meeting.

If it's implemented, you might see Barz on a bus to the beach.

"A Day at the beach sounds actually pretty convenient; I like the idea of it," said Barz.