WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg Transit will begin to roll out its newest buses this week, making transit safer and more accessible for those who use wheelchairs or scooters.

The city noted that 32 of Winnipeg Transit’s new buses will be equipped with two securement systems for wheelchairs and scooters.

All the bus drivers who work on routes with one of these new buses have been trained and will be able to help passengers with the new systems.

Greg Ewankiw, director of Winnipeg Transit, said in a news release that all the buses have both types of the new securements. He said that one of the systems is rear-facing and uses pressurized automated arms to hold wheelchairs and scooters in place, and the other is forward-facing a three-point securement station.

“Our operators on designated buses are trained and ready to assist passengers with securement using both systems, and with boarding and alighting the bus if requested,” Ewankiw said.

“We’re pleased to see this new investment in accessible transit hit the streets.”

The buses with the new securement systems will have decals outside the front door and in the designated seating area to indicate that it has new ways to secure a wheelchair or scooter.

People using Navigo will be able to look for a specific symbol to find the designated buses with the new securement systems.

More information can be found online