WINNIPEG -- For many in the province and throughout Canada, Canada Day is going to be a little different than in previous years.

Many celebrations will be virtual, which is leading people to get creative with their celebrations.

Candice Mitchell with Archangel Fireworks said people are turning to fireworks for some entertainment, and as a result business is booming.

"We've actually had a big influx of people because there are no productions happening. There are very limited Canada Day shows happening this year. So our production team has taken the year off, which is too bad, but we are definitely busy in the store," said Mitchell.

She added as Phase Three of reopening started more people began to flock to the store.

"Archangel has also gone back to the communities and said 'since we can't shoot the shows this year, we challenge you to do it.' So we're hoping that’s the reason a lot more people are coming out."

She added that communities that do participate can post videos of their productions on Facebook and be entered to win a $500 prize package.

Even though the consumer side of the business is going well, she said the production side has struggled.

"We lost a great deal of revenue this year for sure. If you think all of the major festivals that everybody attends every year, we're generally there and this year we won't be."

For those who are looking to buy fireworks for the first time, Mitchell said safety is key and that they should listen to the staff in-store.

"We preach safety around here, so they can go over the proper operation of all of the products," she said. "There is a permit bylaw inside the city limits. A permit can be obtained at the fire prevention branch and the fire prevention branch is amazing. They will have everybody do it the right way."