The cost of a new house in Winnipeg could have a new fee attached to it in the future.

During his annual State of the City address, Mayor Brian Bowman said the city is studying how Winnipeg could benefit from a growth fee.

"It's a choice of higher property taxes for all, or higher property prices for some," says Bowman.


Bowman wouldn't give an example of what he means by a growth fee, but he says the city can't continue to rely on property taxes to pay for services in expanding areas of Winnipeg.

Other Canadian cities have so called growth fees that add a charge to new housing lots.

Bowman said the city is consulting with the building industry and other experts on a model for Winnipeg.

Former Mayor Sam Katz pushed for a development charge on new houses but the plan wash quashed by the province.

Bowman also made other announcements in his speech:

-A new grant to create an infrastructure chair at the U of M.

-A new climate working group at City Hall

-CentreVenture and the city will work together to demolish the PSB and Civic Parkade for redevelopment.