WINNIPEG -- Cabin fever could be setting in for many parents and children.

Under code red restrictions, all outdoor sports fields and playgrounds are off-limits in the province. The city of Winnipeg also announced it is shutting down city-owned and operated playgrounds, skate parks, and recreational sports fields outdoor facilities immediately.

Jason Sakalauski and his family were planning on going inside Assiniboine Park's Nature Playground on Wednesday.

However, they were greeted by a locked gate.

"It looks like that's not an option. So a little disappointed there," he said.

With the closures, it is leaving parents with fewer options for their kids.

"The whole issue with us as a family is trying to control screen time," said Sakalauski.

Christine Nesseth, who is a mother of two, is dealing with a similar situation.

"It's a struggle to find places to let the kids let off some steam," she said.

Doctors throughout the province were calling on the province to go into lockdown, with surging COVID-19 cases numbers.

Dr. Terry Wuerz, an infectious disease physician, was one of those doctors.

"Overall we were just so relieved to see that step being taken," said Wuerz.

But he says areas like playgrounds and sports fields should be open, adding, if kids are stuck inside too long, their physical and mental health could be impacted.

"The virus doesn't survive very well outside of the human body on metal or plastic."

Nesseth said she has no problem staying away from playgrounds and sports fields.

"It's the least we can do,” she said. “You know we're not healthcare workers or anything like that. We can just obey the rules. I mean we're lucky enough to live in a province where there actually is a lot of space."

Sakalauski says he agrees with code red restrictions, but he thinks the recreation rules are an overreach, especially with winter coming.

"As parents, what do we do to stay sane right? And we're all in the same boat," he said.

City parks and dog parks will still stay open with physical distancing rules in place. Group sizes are limited to five people.