WINNIPEG -- A Canada goose got a new lease on life after it was found walking around with an arrow lodged in its wing.

About 10 days ago, the goose was spotted at a Boeing facility in Winnipeg. Evan Kerr, one of the employees that found the goose, said it had been walking around with an arrow sticking through it.

"He was acting like there wasn't an arrow in him at all," he said. "Right away I knew we had to do something."

The goose was rescued by the Winnipeg Humane Society and Manitoba Conservation officers, and was sent to the Wildlife Haven.

Zoe Nakata, the executive director for the Wildlife Haven, said they worked with vets to remove the arrow and nurse the goose back to health.

The goose was released back into the wild on Wednesday near the area where it had been rescued. It was right away looking for its significant other.

Kerr said the goose's mate had been hanging around the area for the past few days.

"We're quite happy, because when we don't have to keep them in captivity for too long that is definitely the best-case scenario, especially in this situation where we knew that there was a mate hanging around," said Nakata.

Rescuers said after a little while of calling, the goose was reunited with its mate.