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Canada Post changing mask rules for employees; those with respirators required to wear second mask

Canada Post

Canada Post is making changes to the type of masks it is making available for its employees.

In a news release on Thursday, the Crown corporation said it is switching to Level 2 disposable medical masks, which will be given to all Canada Post employees.

"These medical procedure masks are proven to offer high levels of protection against COVID-19. We began deploying Level 2 medical masks in early January 2022 to employees in facilities with higher positive case rates. During that time, we have been working to access additional supplies on a broader scale as part of our practice," the statement said.

The company said it expects all employees to have access to the masks by the end of February. Staff are still encouraged to wear their company-provided mask until the Level 2 masks are in circulation.

Canada Post is also making changes for staff members who wish to wear a respirator-type mask at work.

The company said all respirator devices must require a fit test to be performed by Canada Post, but it noted to perform these with over 50,000 employees will not be "feasible in the short term."

"Starting with three of our major facilities, we will be working with the Local Joint Health & Safety Committee to use these respirators in controlled conditions, with plans to expand further. Respirators will be used for specified higher-risk tasks such as two-person lifts, two people working inside a trailer to unload, and required two-person in-vehicle training."

For staff who still wish to wear a respirator mask at a Canada Post facility, they will be required to wear a company-provided mask on top of their personal respirator.

"This approach ensures that every employee is protected while meeting the external standards and directives developed by experts to ensure employers, like Canada Post, are putting safety first."

This change comes after a Winnipeg employee was sent home for wearing a respirator mask and refusing to wear a company-provided mask that he said provided less protection.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers previously told CTV News that it has asked Canada Post to provide, "N95 masks or suitable alternatives to all postal workers, and at the very least, allow those who've purchased their own N95 or KN95 masks to wear them." Top Stories

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