A Canadian couple has embarked on a month-long cross-country trip across Canada to promote a healthier lifestyle.

On Saturday, the duo made it to Winnipeg.

On Sept. 12, Catharine McCallum, 41, Adam Doolittle,30, their cat, Paris Frances, and their dog, Bella, ditched their lavish life for a life behind the wheel.

The couple sold everything they owned, bought a 5th wheel RV, and decided to live a more simple life.

McCallum and Doolittle began their journey in from Borden-Carleton, Prince Edward Island, and plan to end the journey in Tofino, BC.

“Full Time Canada was created after we were both let go from our radio jobs in 2015,” said Doolittle in a release. “We decided that we were both done with typical 9-5 jobs, paying rent or a mortgage, and owning too much stuff.”

“We both felt a need to see all of our beautiful country while we’re young and healthy,” he said.

Since the trip began, McCallum and Doolittle both said they’ve seen big changes in their lives.

“We no longer watch TV. I don’t have a phone and my health has improved a lot since early 2015. I am almost of off my blood pressure medication, and I no longer suffer from chronic back pain,” McCallum said in the release.