WINNIPEG -- A Canadian Hip Hop icon is hoping his new book will help inspire the next generation.

Wesley Williams, also known as Maestro Fresh Wes, who is known as the Godfather of Canadian hip hop, has written a new children's book called "Stick to Your Vision: Young Maestro Goes to School."

He said the idea came to him after his first book was released and he noticed a lot of younger audiences gravitated towards it.

"I thought it was time to (write the book). Especially now when they're in the time, it's a whole different world than how we came up," said Williams.

He said the book shows the importance of family structure, mentorship, and inspirational elementary school teachers.

"I've had some great teachers along my way," he said. "At this point of the year, it's the latter part of the school year. So I think this will encourage students as well as teachers to stay focused and stick to their vision and finish on a good note."

The phrase "stick to your vision" is something that is part of both of Williams’ books and he said it means not to give up and walk away from things.

He said that is what the main character in his book did at one point.

"When he saw the level of difficulty, which a lot of kids do, they turn away and quit as opposed to going through that and I think that this is something that is very important to encourage kids to not just fall back and give up on themselves, but to go forth and forward."

Williams added the book can relate well to the current times with the pandemic and kids having to learn from home and teachers setting up new plans and parents staying home. He said now is the time to persevere through the struggles.

"The book is broken down in three sections; expectation, operation and destination. And if there was supposed to be a fourth, it would be celebration because we are almost there."

Williams was able to tap on some Canadian talent for the book, as Kardinal Offishall penned the foreword.

For those who want to purchase the book, they can do so by ordering it online.