A poll released today by the Canadian Automobile Association reveals almost two-thirds of Canadians are concerned the roads will become more dangerous once marijuana is legalized.

The CAA poll found 63 per cent of Canadians worry road safety will decline when marijuana is legalized.

Among the other findings, 26 percent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 believe a driver is either the same or better on the road under the influence of marijuana.

CAA Manitoba public and media relations specialist, Erika Miller, says road safety will be a top priority for the automobile association once marijuana is legalized.

“Undoubtedly, public education must play a large part in the issue – just as it did just with drinking and driving, “ Miller says.

A study by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse said marijuana impairs the cognitive and motor abilities necessary to operate a motor vehicle and doubles the risk of crash involvement.

Miller says CAA hopes Manitoba Public Insurance and the Provincial Road Safety Committee will continue to examine road safety issues as the government moves closer to legalization.

“This is a complicated issue that requires a deliberate and strategic response to help keep everyone safe,” she says.