Elected officials in the town of Niverville, Man., have blocked a cannabis retailer from setting up shop in the community.

Canna Cabana was seeking a conditional use permit to open a retail cannabis store at 349 Bronstone Drive which is an industrial area on the outskirts of town.

Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade selected the company through a randomized draw to open a store in Niverville. The process requires retailers to secure the necessary permits from the communities where they’ll be operating.

Following a hearing held Tuesday night Myron Dyck said council voted 3-2 to deny Canna Cabana’s application.

He said the issue of allowing cannabis sales in Niverville is a divisive one in the community.

“Our community right now has fairly deep convictions on both sides and I think there is just some more due diligence that needs to be done,” said Dyck. “Perhaps education, perhaps a chance to talk this through a little bit more as a community. I just don’t think we’re ready right now one way or the other.”

There was a 2-2 tie. As mayor, Dyck said he had the deciding vote.

“I just felt that there wasn’t yet enough compelling evidence with my council split, obviously there was not a majority opinion one way or the other,” said Dyck. “At such a time as maybe there’d be more compelling evidence given that council would have a majority view we could go with that. In the meantime, I voted to decline it. They can always reapply.”

It’s not clear whether Canna Cabana will reapply.

A second retailer, Red River Cooperative, has been selected through the draw. According to the province they’ll have an opportunity to apply if Canna Cabana decides not to pursue a retail store in Niverville.

CTV Winnipeg has reached out to Canna Cabana for comment.