WINNIPEG -- Home care levels in Winnipeg are being adjusted as the province grapples with rising COVID-19 cases in long-term care homes.

On Wednesday, Lanette Siragusa, chief nursing officer for Shared Health, said home care services are reverting to similar levels in the spring, when COVID-19 was first reported in Manitoba.

“Staff who work in the community within home care have stepped up over the weekends to provide assistance in the long-term care sector,” Siragusa said, noting the province is working to ensure healthcare workers are working in the areas where the need is highest.

Siragusa said clients that require life-sustaining services or people in need of urgent services will continue to receive home care.

Back in April, the province scaled back home care services such as bathing, laundry and housecleaning, to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19 to patients and staff.

Siragusa added they are hoping the change is temporary.

“We are very grateful to all the staff who continue to show great dedication and flexibility and commitment to the patients, the residents and the clients that we serve,” she said. “We very much are looking forward to getting through this, and getting back to normal levels of service for all of the public, but for now we appreciate your patience, and we'll keep going, as best we can.”