The owners of Bergie’s convenience store in Beausejour are recovering after being attacked on Friday night. RCMP announced Tuesday that charges have now been laid in the attack.

A suspect entered the store owned by Tanusree and Deb Mukherjee at closing time.

When the couple asked him to leave, they said he demanded to be served.

The Mukherjees said they agreed to let him shop, but he wouldn’t tell them what he wanted to buy.

They said the man became violent when they called police after he refused to leave a second time.

They said he repeatedly hit them before fleeing out the back door.

“He forcefully hit me here. My nose was broken and all over my face was blood,” said Tanusree Mukherjee.

The tight knit community was shocked by the violence of the attack.

Flowers, cards and crafts poured into the store as word spread.

“Everybody came from every corner of the town with tears in their eyes, and flowers in their hand,” said Deb Mukherjee.

The couple said support from the community is helping them heal after the incident.

They also said they’re grateful for the RCMP’s quick response.

James Richard Payjack, 24, faces assault charges, said RCMP.