With Christmas drawing nearer, there’s high demand for charities but many said they’re falling short of their goals.

Some organizations said they haven’t fallen this far behind in several years.

The Christmas Cheer Board said it still plans to fill all its orders, reaching nearly 15,000 hampers, but it may have to continue fundraising well into 2013.

"We commit ourselves to spending money because we buy about half of the things that go into the hamper...so those commitments are made in August and September and October,” said Kai Madsen from the Cheer Board.

The Salvation Army said its local fundraising campaign is still coming up short.

"To the tune of about $150,000 - there's a lot of work we've got to do in the last five days of the campaign,” said Capt. Les Marshall from the Salvation Army.

The organization aims to bring in a total of $385,000 to help run more than 50 programs in Winnipeg each day.

While there’s always a push for donations in the last days of the campaign, this year has been especially challenging with a sizable shortfall.

“It's a little larger this year than it has been in recent years I think there's just so many people out, so many organizations out this time of year looking for money. It's a challenge,” said Marshall.

Organizations who spoke to CTV Winnipeg on Thursday said some companies and community clubs tend to give their donations after Christmas, so they’re hoping that will help bump up fundraising.

At the Cheer Board, officials said they’ve had as many goods donated as the year before, and more volunteers this year. Organizers think that people who didn’t have a lost of extra cash may have perhaps donated their time instead.