A seven-year-old Winnipeg girl has a passion for helping others.

Kaylee Fraser was so keen to help that she spoke to her classmates about raising money for Siloam Mission's upcoming Easter dinner.

Fraser showed her grade 2 class at Chancellor School a letter she received from Siloam looking for donations.

"It wasn't really the plan to get all the other kids involved, but she came home from school and said everyone else wants to help, so it just kind of sprialled into something way bigger than we anticipated," said Darcie Fraser, Kaylee's mom.

Her classmates loved the idea and decided to help, getting involved in a variety of ways.

First by selling art, and later fundraising through school and on their own.

Fraser’s mom counted the money the little girl has raised on her own and the total is $475 - which provides nearly 150 meals.

Friday the class counted its collective total and raised just over $730, or around 236 meals.

"We absolutely love when youth get involved and they see the need and they really want to get involved and make a difference," said Judy Richichi from Siloam Mission. 

Siloam Mission expects to feed about 800 people this Easter.