WINNIPEG -- The city and province say they have now agreed on how to move forward with short-term measures to remove phosphorus from Winnipeg’s sewage treatment system.

Late last year the province denied the city’s request for a two-year extension to bring the North End Sewage Treatment Plant into compliance for an environmental license. The request was denied over concerns the project was not moving fast enough.

It ordered the city to be part of a working group to speed up timelines, including interim measures to reduce phosphorus by Feb. 1.

The city warned without proper testing the proposed solution could overload the system.

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Now both sides have released a timeline to test the interim solution this year, with a report due by the end of the year.

A news release said this is being done with the intention of speeding up timelines.

The larger question that hangs over the project is the $1.8 billion cost to upgrade the plant beyond the interim plan.

The city is asking for financial help from the other levels of government. The province said it will be a "partner" at the table.